Our Terms & Conditions

Effective Date

From the 29th of November 2014, this privacy policy of our company came into place. We have the rights of all the information and details share in the respective privacy policy and it applies to anyone to books they are staying with Boutique Resort. We reserve all the rights in compliance with the applicable law and if it is required to change or amended or remove any portion of the respective privacy policy, we will always obey the law and proceed it ahead.

You can always go through our privacy policy page on the website with ease. You can always let us know if there is any query or amendment that you would like to make in their respective privacy policy page. As and when required by the law we will work upon their respective changes. According to the law, we will accept the changes and get it done as per the agreement of the legalities.

Your Consent

It is important that you go through the privacy policy very carefully and thoroughly. While using our application and website, you acknowledge that you have gone through the privacy policy and agree to it said terms and condition. Yes, using an application whether legally bound you to agree with our privacy policy. If you are not accepting our terms of privacy policy, it is very much not legitimate for you to use our application. You can only use our website or application if you are completely fine with the shared privacy policy.

Collection of Non-Personal Information

Boutique Resort always uses the tracking technology with which we can collect all the non-personal information of our users. Yes, we also track a unique device identifier for your smartphone. We also use tracking technologies to track the content and understand how we can improve or enhance our services and offerings. These tracking technology guys close every made for gathering non-personal formation which is taken into consideration for the benefit of the application and company services. You can be sure that the collected information is not outside the application.

We never combine the non-personal information with personal details. It helps us improve our services and offerings and it gives us an opportunity to serve you with a better service. The technology used is completely secure and save to track the non-personal information for the benefits of our company related services.

Links to Websites

Share in our website, you will find links to App Store. This feeling that helps our users to purchase our products and services and gives users access to rate our application. Yes, the application is very easy to use which gives use of the facility to grab their needs and requirements with ease. They can rate our services and purchase according to their needs. Clicking on the link will help them go to the App Store where they can download their respective application for their respective needs all for different purposes. As per your service needs, you can also purchase the application without any sort of security-related issues.

Our Use of Information

We only use non-personal data information for assessing how can we improve our services and helps one through our application. Yes, we will only use non-personal data for in-house operations with which we will be able to improve the attributes present in the application and help one with better services. We always make sure that you get complete assistance with our application so, we make use of the respective non-personal information and allow you to use the application for the same purpose.

We take a survey on a regular basis and then make a summary analysis of the required changes by the users who are always taking part in purchasing our services. As per the summary analysis of the user behavior, we walk upon our application and make sure that it becomes a better place for our users to avail our services. The information shared with the third-party will never leave you or anything related to you. We gather information to different attributes of our application and with the use of non-personal tracking technology. We also use different types of other tools with which we can track and collect nonperson formation for the betterment of the application.

We are not only restricted to non-personal data but also include a unique device identifier and several other patterns of application usage in the form of usage of different features, time consumption of usage, and more. If our third parties are helping us with the analyses of non-personal information, then we make sure that the respective third parties are always working according to the applicable laws and COPPA.

Yes, we will never work with anyone who is not working according to the applicable laws. We never sell, rent, transfer, or share any sort of information collected to the third party against the laws and other than the way it is described in the respective privacy policy. Yes, we always work in an ethical way with which the security of users always remains tight.

Further Information

Hopefully, you are clear with all the terms and condition shared in the respective page. If you have any sort of queries or Feedback or concern related to the given terms and condition and our practices, then all you need to do is to email us right away. Our support executives will surely help you with the required assistance and that too in the quickest time possible. You can also get in touch with our support executives via call or personal visit. We will help you get all your queries or problems resolved. We are available all the time for your needs and requirements. Call Now +66 (0) 980100928

So, whenever you use our website or application, you agree with these stated terms and condition. We will continuously work to improve your experience and help you with exciting new attributes with which you can avail the best of experience by hiring our products and services for your specific needs and requirements. Connect with us now! Reservation@boutiqueresortphuket.com