Summertime Villa Why the Mix of Comfort and Timing is Important?
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Summertime Villa Why the Mix of Comfort and Timing is Important?

We can put before you multiple reasons as to why you should choose our Summertime Villa as your vacation base in Phuket but the attractions of the place is not just limited to our resorts. There are many places that offer the right kind of attraction that is loved by the young crowd but if you are able to go there at a certain time of the year you would be able to do more.

One time that you should always visit Phuket in is summer. Not only the location you would be overwhelmed by the weather itself. Here is a list of the best places to stay in Phuket that one would love to stay around in summer–

  • Phuket Town – For the first-timers in Phuket province, it is the place to be! Phuket Town is the largest city in the island and is the most happening capital of the province. This is where you should come to party with grand restaurants, exclusive shops as well as unique attractions. It offers something to anyone who come to vacation in Phuket. But in summer you would be able to enjoy the climate more!


  • Karon – For budget-friendly stay in Phuket Karon is the choicest place among the visiting crowd all over the world. Not only for just for affordable accommodation, Karon is known for is known for its stunning beach views, that is coupled with glittering turquoise water and white beaches for you to walk on. Karon is the home to the second largest beach lying on the west coast of Phuket Island. And everyone knows how perfect beaches are in summer!

  • Patong – Not everyone comes in to have a stay-cation and for the young and restless crowed Patong is the place to be as the popular tourist attraction offers the best nightlife in Phuket for all to enjoy. Patong is the picturesque town in Phuket with stunning white sand beach adorning its costal lines. This is the perfect place to relax during a summer day and hop around partying at night.

  • Kata – It is one of the most trending areas of Phuket to stay in. Kata is located on the west coast of Phuket and is one of the best places for travelers to relax as well as party whenever they feel like it. An existing nightlife, relaxing atmosphere, beautiful beaches etc. are just a few notable things that make Kata one of the most attractive places to be in Phuket for every traveler. Do we really need to define in detail how great beaces are in summer!

  • Kamala – A small village in Phuket is the best place to stay in for enjoying a quite but gala time with family. Kamala offers all the conveniences of a bustling town like Phuket, minus the chaos that comes with it. There is no better way than to spend your summer vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to spend some quality time with your family Kamala is the place to be!

Why us?

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed but by selecting a good holiday destination you can work hard to create memories that might jest last a life time. In some cases, it may just compensate for a few things. This is where our Phuket getaway comes in!

Nestled in the stunning surroundings of Thailand we offer the luxury villa as a getaway place so that you can revitalize, re-invigorate and recharge yourself with friends, family for a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life.

We along with our staff working in our Thailand villa rentals make constant effort to ensure that your time with us is so memorable that you count days before you come back to visit us again. We do not believe in the phrase that one size fits all and thus let you choose the size, the location as well as the decoration of your booked villa in our Boutique Resort so that everything is customized to your taste.

What we offer?

Seclusion –

Spend the quality time you want with your friends and family away from the disturbing noises of the city or the sounds coming from your adjustment rooms. Our staff is more than happy to accommodate any special items or decorations in your villa.

It is right up our ally to do so with the foresight of making your stay comfortable with us. We would ensure that everything you wish for is taken care of, before we hand over the key to one of our private villas in Phuket over to you.

Great Activities –

Our villas in Phuket Thailand are endowed with great natural trails to hike up and down of as well as with great beaches to take a lazy stroll on. Not only that you can also have as many planned beach activities that you would otherwise be missing out on if you do not come on the right time during summer.  

Creating memories –

To create the most beautiful memories of your life along with friends it is very important to select the right place and time for your vacation and coming to us you would be able to attain the gateway you so desire in our summertime villa in Phuket.

By selecting our resort for your vacation you would be able to do it all. You would be able to spend quality time with your friends and family and enjoy the mesmerizing views of our beautiful locale and have your batteries recharged.

Affordable –

Most people come to Thailand for the scenic beauty of the land and but us, you would be able to book your one or two villas holiday Phuket at a cheap price. It is the best remedy for a vacation when you would be able to have it all without the worry of what to do when you come back from Phuket.

We offer great discounts to our guests as well as have an open transaction with them ensuring that nothing ever gets in the way of your relaxation. Just book our villa summertime by boutique resort and enjoy your time with us. Let us deal with the rest!

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