What Is the Purpose of Songkran?
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What Is the Purpose of Songkran?

Songkran is a national holiday in Thailand celebrated between 13th to 15th of April. Yes, this public holiday and is organized as per the Thai lunar calendar. People would like to know the purpose of songkran festival? The first astrological sign is Aries in the Zodiac so, the festival is celebrated the sun has moved in the world of Aries. 
These days, Thais exclusively celebrate all the New Year as per the Christian Calendar and also according to Thai New Year calendar which is considered for traditional dates.  In 1940, Thailand first time exclusively celebrated the Christian New Year and from then onwards, it all celebrated and is followed to the fullest.
Songkran festival in phuket, Thailand is an amazing festival which continues to be a great time for all to have fun regardless of age, religious belief and social background. But this doesn’t mean that the first day of January does not mark the starting of the year. So, during this time of the year, while celebrating the festival of Songkran, most of the villages and towns in Thailand gets closed. Yes, the main street of Thailand stops all forms work and gets in the mode of celebration of the traditional Thai New Year. In fact, there is a famous backpacker street in Bangkok namely Khao San Road. It is exclusively considered to be the most popular place to enjoy the festival of Songkran for both Thais and tourists alike.

Summer Does Bring Down the Excitement

Yes, being the hottest time of the year, it doesn’t stop anyone from the celebration of this amazing festival.  April is exclusively the month when the summer is at its peak in Thailand, but it does not stop foreign visitors to come in and exclusively celebrate the festival of Songkran in fact, this festival is also acknowledged as "water festival" by many. Thinking why, we will explain, read along:
This festival is a very exciting festival and is known for its white clay filler and water fights. This does not end here the white clay filler will exclusively end up on your cars and even on your face. It is actually very rejuvenating as you can soak in the water with temperature so high and the young gen loves to do jump in the water fight and beat the heat exclusively.
During the time of the festival, wherever you go you will find locals celebrating the festival with buckets of water. water guns, and white clay filler. You will find several destinations which gives you ample entertainment and facilities to celebrate this festival through water fight.

Exploring More About the Songkran Festival

Yes, there is so much more to this amazing festival than just water fights. Yes, here we will look into it and find out about the different traditions and activities followed in the respective festival. We will explore more about the authentic traditions which are pursued by the locals during the time of the respective festival. Let’s explore more about the Songkran:

More About the Traditions

It is said that pouring fragrant water on the statue of Buddha is exclusively considered to be one of the most important traditions followed in the festival of Songkran. So, you will exclusively see locals following all the traditional approach by pouring scented water on the statue of Buddha
During the time of the festival, gently pouring fragmented water on each other's shoulders or hands is exclusively considered to be the traditional way of greeting each other with Happy New Year. So, you will see a lot of local people doing the same to wish each the fortune and blessing of the traditional new year. 

Visiting the Houses of Respected Elders and Parents

Here in this part of the world, Thais have immense respect for their elders. Yes, they are known for celebrating this festival by paying respect to elders and parents who helped them in becoming who they are. Thai's always have a great amount of respect of people who helped them with the skills and wisdom throughout their life.  And this is the reason, you will find the locals being very sound and skillful in whatever they perform. 
In fact, 13th April is exclusively considered to Elders Day here in this part of the world. So, young people pay a visit to their elders during the time of this festival. As most of them leave their home for their education and work life, they all come back during this time and celebrate the occasion together. You will also find some of the locals paying a visit to their mentors, tutors and the ones who helped them achieve what they are now!
One of the traditions they follow is to pour fragmented water on the palms of the elders and exclusively greet them Happy New Year. Following this custom, they apologize for any kind of wrongdoings and seek forgiveness. The elders bless them in return.

Visiting Buddhist Temples

As Thailand is a Buddhist country, this festival is a great time for Thais who are Buddhist offer prayers by visiting different temples with their friends and family. Visiting temples will be followed by providing food to the monks, donating money, listening to Buddhist teachings, volunteering and more. There will be many special arrangements in the temple during the time of festival as people pour in to celebrate the festival to the fullest. 
There are many more things followed by the locals here such as:
  • Drafting and creating Sand Pagodas while being at the temple.
  • Not to forget to pay respects and doing merit for the ancestors.
  •  And yes, not to forgot and coming to the family for spending time with them.
So, these are the traditions followed and enjoyed by the local Thai’s during the time of the festival. It is different and yet special. So, if you want to enjoy being here in Phuket then you can surely book your tickets according to this timing and have a great time while being in the time of the songkran festival.
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