All About the Big Buddha Phuket Temple in Thailand
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All About the Big Buddha Phuket Temple in Thailand

Big Buddha Phuket History

Let’s start with the history of Phuket. Big Buddha in Phuket is the attraction of every visitor who wants to see. Big Buddha is situated on top of the Nakkerd Hill which can be found near the chalong and kata Hill. Due to huge size, you can easily view the Big buddha statue from anywhere of Phuket town.

After seeing the Bid Buddha Statue, you must enjoy the breathtaking view of the town from the hill. The 360-degree scene of the Phuket island with bizarre sights of Phuket city, Karon beach, Chalong Bay and Kata beach—it is difficult to discover the best point to perceive the entire of Phuket. A snaky 8-km highway is effortlessly reachable. Once approaching the point, you will find a parking lot and a way to a buddha temple where you see people buying amulets and making donations for the cause. There is also a gallery to learn more about the Big Buddha statue.

Keep Walking along with the temple to find the stairs which will take you to the Big Buddha. After reaching the destination you can have an unforgettable birds-eye view. Besides that, from a small terrace over there you will be able to view over kata and kata Noi Beach.

You can see the Buddha statue the whole year even on public holidays. But weather in Phuket keeps annoying the visitors. Bad weather and rains always swing the mood of visitors, particularly when it is windy, and the sighted are hindered by heavy clouds and mists. It also becomes rather packed with the crowd during the public holidays, so make the plan accordingly.

Foundation of Big Buddha Phuket

On May 22, 2002. General Phijit Kulawanich who was councilor laid the foundation of big Buddha Phuket. According to Phuket people, Big Buddha is a sign of happiness for them, Big Buddha also known by the name Phraphutthamingmongkhol-akenagakhiri Buddha.

It is made of white marble, almost 45-meter tall which can be seen easily from southern areas of Phuket town. Big Buddha is a must-see spot for every visitor of Phuket for good reason.

big buddha Phuket Thailand

Breathtaking view of Big buddha will remain in your mind several days. Big Buddha is built with donations of people, especially visitors from outside country donate much. It is still under construction; you can donate the amount equivalent to the price of white marble which is near 500 baht.

Easy way to reach Big Buddha Phuket

keep following the signs on the road to Chalong. You can’t ignore it and it is not far-off from the Wat Chalong. The way guiding to the destination itself is now in very smooth condition but it is tricky for the unknown people on the way down, drive sensibly.

Get ready before going to Big Buddha Phuket

There are few things which you should know before going to Big Buddha Phuket to evade any annoying circumstances. If you are a first-time visitor, it is worth to keep a camera with you to take the photographs for future memory. Take off your shoes before stepping in. It is a sacred place for Thailand, cover your knees, shoulders, and waist during the visit. But if you have already dressed in short skirts, don’t need to worry. They will give you a free sarong and request you to wear them. During the visit, you are allowed to eat snacks and drinks, but alcohol is strictly forbidden.

The entrance is free but you can donate if want. It is a big place, if you feel exhausted there is a restroom for getting yourself relaxed. 

How long hikes take to Big Buddha Phuket?

The Big Buddha Phuket hike almost takes about 2 to 3 hrs. and is 8KM long all on a smooth track.

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 Distance to Big Buddha from the Airport

It takes a long time to reach the Big Buddha from Phuket Airport. But you will thoroughly relish the trip to Big Buddha. The Roughly distance from Phuket Airport to Bid Buddha is 250 KM.

Distance between Karon Beach and Big Buddha Phuket

It is fairly far-off from Phuket town and road is not smooth for driving. It is free of cost attraction to enjoy the big buddha and much more around it to view. Great place for eye-catching on Karon beach, also Phuket Buddha is not less than amazing, it will take around 40 minutes by taxi to reach there from Karon beach. 

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Timing of Big Buddha Phuket?

It remained open the whole week even on public holidays. You can visit from 8:00 AM – 7:30. You should book your spot earlier.

Is Big Buddha free?

Yes, Entrance in Big Buddha Phuket, Thailand is free of cost.

Best Time to Get there

The Big Buddha statue is at its peak and busiest about the sunset (a lovely period to view to be sure), but if you wish to relish the view when it is a little less packed, make a plan to see at sunrise when the eastern-facing big buddha statue is well-lit by the sun rising.

Big Buddha Messages

See carefully at the Big Buddha Phuket statue, and you will notice thousands of messages on white-marble pieces incised with letters from those who gave donations to the construction of the big Buddha statue. Most of the words are of good wishes, others are in the recall of respected and loved ones who’ve expired.


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