Why Phuket Is Famous?
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Why Phuket Is Famous?

Are you planning to visit a place where you can feel relaxed and rejuvenated? Well, there can be nothing better than getting your tickets booked to Phuket. why phuket is famous and best to spend holidays? Yes, it is surely going to be one of your favorite and memorable experience of a lifetime. Phuket is a very famous place  in Thailand among the tourists and people are visiting this sharing destination all around the year you have an amazing time. There are a number of amazing places where one can accommodate and live with their loved ones. You might be thinking there are many more places around the world which are also quite amazing to experience but why Phuket is so much famous? Phuket is famous due to its culture, events, attractions, weather etc. Well, we are here to help you with it!

You might have heard a lot about this amazing destination from your friends or your family or even from the Internet. But it is important that you make a list of what to do in Phuket- the gorgeous island so that you can be more clear about your trip. Yes, it is quite small but it will never disappoint you in terms of things to do in Phuket and relish. Not only you will find the best resorts in Phuket but also amazing water-related activities which will keep you hooked all the time. People also love the food here and yes the nightlife is also amazing which will surely worth experiencing. Everything else is just more than a tourist asks for and yes, most important of all it comes with a serene view which becomes a treat to your eyes and helps you rejuvenate in the best possible way with your family and friends.

This was just a brief of what are the things which makes Phuket famous and we are going to elaborate more about it in the below half where are you will surely get to know why booking your tickets down to this place will surely be the best decision of your life. It will help you have a great time and have amazing memories with fun stories and photos to share so do not hesitate and get your bags ready for an amazing journey ahead.

Below mentioned are some of the important aspects of Phuket which makes it a destination which you just cannot say no to visit, take a look:

Serene Beaches

Well yes, beaches are one of the biggest reasons which attract tourists from all around the world to Phuket. The gorgeous Phuket beaches with amazing surroundings and clear waters make it as it serene spot to have a gala time with your friends and family. Not only this, but the Phuket weather is also top notch for you to feel comfortable and rejuvenated the entire day you spend. You will find more than 40 beaches here to have the best time of your life with your family. You can easily select the one which perfectly matches to your needs and accommodate their experience the best of Phuket. Karon Beach in phuket is exclusively considered to be one of the best beaches in Phuket and there are many more to keep you entertained while being here. Paradise beach Phuket is also very famous among the tourists to have a gala time.

Most of the beaches are on the west coast of the respective area where you will find local gatherings and lots of resorts which can help you with the best of accommodation facilities. In the South, you will find busiest beaches with lots of crowd and entertaining activities. You will also find beautiful beaches in the north which are more off on the quiet side and it still gives you a sense of relaxation you are looking for while being in this amazing place!

Nightlife Knows How To PARTY!

Yes, you heard it right, the nightlife here is just super fascinating and most importantly alive! After hanging out the entire day on the beach, you might be looking for something exciting energetic rather than going back to the booked hotel. Phuket is also famous for its nightlife as it really adds so much to it which can keep you groovin the whole night. You say it and Phuket has it to keep you entertained as wild as possible.

Patong in Phuket is the go-to place to relish the nightlife here in the best possible way. From beach clubs to popular rooftop bars, it has all to give you the rejuvenation you are looking for! You will never fell short of beer bars here so, Phuket is always inviting you to party hard and have a great time!

It’s Tempting Seafood

You will never complain about the food here as it is as yum and delicious as you can ever get anywhere else. You will find the best restaurants in Phuket all around the island to entice with the best of seafood. Yes having such enticing food with serene surroundings is surely just a dream coming true. Thai food is popular all over the world and you will get the best here for sure! There is no holiday complete if the food is not good but here you will always be delighted to have the best of seafood which is not only delicious to have but also are very reasonable.

So, the food will always make you fall in love with it here in Phuket with so many amazing food corners always ready to welcome you with open arms. And yes, do not forget to try King prawns and Phuket lobsters with amazing surrounding, you will love it!

Shopping To Steal The Show

Well, if you want to shop at night, Phuket is the place to come to! Yes, with crazy nightlife, you will also get to shop at night which is a fascinating experience. Everyone loves to shop at night here whether it tourist or locals. The experience is full of fun and with color shops and amazing objects on display which will straight away catch your eyes. Well, if you get tired while shopping, there are many local restaurants to treat you with amazing cuisine. And the best part is you will also get a local band everywhere which gives your experience background music. Shopping here is total fun with a combination of vibrant colors, sounds, and cuisines. So, how can one miss this at any cost?

You will get a Phuket taxi everywhere to help you reach the city market and get your needs covered! Phuket town will surely help you with the best experience of shopping here, so do not skip this at any cost!

The Ride On Tuk Tuks

You might have heard a lot about the Tuk Tuks but if you have not, we will show you the best of it. Yes, Phuket will entice with this amazing Daihatsu which is comprised of unique colors and are quite fast. You can always get Tuk tuk for your needs but they are small and most importantly very much convenient. The best part is you will tuk-tuks with amazing sound system and lightings which make the overall experience different which you might not experience anywhere else. You will surely love to travel Phuket using these tuk-tuks whether you are going to a party or anywhere else.  Tourists from different Phuket hotels travel to different places using Tuk Tuks and they love it so, this exclusively become one of the reasons why Phuket is famous!

Ladyboys To Take Your Fun To Next Level In Phuket

Phuket is very much known for its ladyboys as not only are they amazingly beautiful but also a lot more feminine in nature. In fact, you will find most of them, famous photo models. You can catch up with them on Bangla Road and take a lot of selfies which can surely become a memory for the lifetime. You will find ladyboys amazingly dressed in feather and costumes with glitter all over it. Taking pics with them is chargeable but you must not hesitate and do click a selfie with them. And yes, the popular Simon Cabaret Phuket show in Patong just cannot be missed with ladyboys performing at their best. There act is so classy that you will just not be able to guess between feminine and them.

Big Buddha Phuket: A Heavenly Viewpoint

Phuket is not only famous for its sea activities but also for its amazing viewpoint in the form of Big Buddha. Yes, it is very much popular among the tourists around the world and the best part is you get to relish the amazing view of the surrounding. The 45 meters tall Big Buddha has been designed so beautifully with the use of white marble that it surely becomes a highlight of your trip. It is exceptionally nestled at the Nakkerd hilltop which is at the south of the Phuket and is just cannot be missed at any cost. It is been there from years of time and has exclusively become the top spot for travelers to visit. You get the best of view from here, so it becomes one of the most important reasons for being in Phuket!

Scuba Diving: Getting Closer To The Marine Life

Scuba diving is always a loved adventure activity all around the world and Phuket helps you avail of this experience in the best possible way. The water here in this amazing island is completely clear and very much smooth to help you adore this activity like at no other place. There are many places here which can help you experience this activity in the form of the Racha Island, Similan islands, Koh Phi Phi, and the King Cruiser wreck. So, all you need to do is to get your package designed in the best possible way which can help you experience this activity in the best of conditions. So, while booking Phuket trip, get your scuba diving activity fixed to rejuvenate yourself in the best possible way.

Sino-Portuguese Houses: The Charm Of Old Phuket Town


No doubt the beaches are the best thing about being in Phuket but yes, you will also feel a sense of calmness while you walk through the Old Phuket town old streets. Yes, you will get to acknowledge the stunning mansions and something unique in the form of shop-houses. The town is small and will not consume much of your time. So, get your Phuket travel plan designed accordingly to relish this old charm in the amidst the natural beauty.

Planes Landing: The Best of Phuket Airport

This exciting adventure is surely going to get you feel the adrenaline rush big time. Yes. from planning plane spotting to taking a selfie with a plane roaring off from just a few meters. How cool is that! There are not many airports where flights take off so near to the beaches but here you will feel that every time a plane takes off! There is even a standing path where you can take a selfie with a plane above you! The spot has become very popular and is a must visit to experience the thrill in the best possible way.

Luxury Resorts: Accommodation At Its Best

Wherever your holiday is, if you do not get the best of accommodation facilities, it really pulls down the fun element out of the trip. When you are here at Phuket you will not have a single complaint about it. Yes, the holiday inn resort Phuket has all the facilities to entice you with the comfort and also the luxury of Phuket which is greenery all around.  If you are looking for honeymoon Phuket resorts online, then you will also come out with a long list of names to book your accommodation. Boutique Resort Phuket is one of the best of Phuket honeymoon resorts in there and you must not hesitate and get it booked as quickly as possible. In fact, you can also go for Phuket villa rental and have the best experience of this serene destination with your loved ones.

Unique Attractions To Visit

With so many things mentioned above, you might be thinking about what else is there to delight you! Well, we have still missed a lot. Yes, there many other exciting attractions famous all over the world for its uniqueness. Phuket bird park is surely one of the best here to get you closer to amazing flying creatures. Moving on to monkey hill Phuket is also very exciting to visit. The Phuket Fantasea is very popular among the tourists and so is the Phuket weekend market. All you need to do is to plan your trip accordingly with which you can cover all these attractions in the best possible way. And if you are wild animal lover, you must also include Tiger kingdom Phuket special where you can feed these wild cats with your hands. How exciting is that! It does not end here, elephant sanctuary Phuket is also there get your adventure love more fun.

So, these are the things which make Phuket a destination which you must visit once in your lifetime. There are many more things to relish in this dream destination so, you must research accordingly and then make a decision. You can also get your package designed keeping the central festival Phuket in mind. You will get more closer to the locals with this and also get a flavor of this amazing festival. Hopefully, you are clear now about what makes Phuket so popular among the tourists! It is a place where you will live and love every breath you take!


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