What is the Tiger Kingdom?
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What is the Tiger Kingdom?

Looking for a break from the office hectic schedule? Planning for a trip to Phuket? Well, just the perfect thing to do as it will help you get rejuvenated with its serene beauty and surroundings.  There are so many things to do while being here and you just never get tired of it! Greenery all around, you are sure to expect wild adventures, and what more than feeling the Tiger itself! Phuket will help you with amazing experience with the Tiger Kingdom Phuket. Not only this place is different but very adventurous too! You just cannot miss being at this place at any cost. Here in the article, we are going to look in detail more about this place tiger kingdom phuket in Thailand, read along!

Tiger Kingdom Phuket: Overview

Well, there cannot be any bigger adventure than being close to a TIGER! Yes, you read it right, it is an opportunity of a lifetime where you will surely be very close and personal with tigers which Indochinese in origin. You can touch them, feel them in reality! It is quite scary but very much fun! There are a number of Indochinese tigers in this kingdom and of different ages and sizes. These tigers have been raised by hand and that too since their birth. How cool is that! So, get your fear off by being close with the wildest beast in the jungle!

In fact, not even in your nightmare, you would have not thought of taking a selfie with tiger but this place allows you to do so! The Tiger Kingdom is surely a great place to be in Phuket and you will surely have your time well spent while being here! The place is very attractive and well-maintained with lots of tourists coming up all day! It is very clean and organized place situated very near to the Kathu Go-kart track which is nestled at the foot of the hill of Patong. It covers the area around 4 acres and it cost around 100 million baht to build this place! As soon as you enter this place, you will exclusively be welcomed by professionals who are in orange uniform. They will help you with the way ahead and ask you to complete the documentation required to catch with this wild cat.

What Can You Expect

Well, now as you know what Tiger kingdom is all about, we will help you with what takes place inside and how can you be prepared for that. As stated above the greeters will take you ahead for the required documentation which a necessity for meeting tigers inside. Yes, you will be asked to sign a document in case if there is any kind of accident inside. It is a very similar process as you get to do while getting ready for a bungee jump or while going for zip line through the jungle.  It is important and mandatory to enter the respective kingdom. You will not have to worry about the accidents as the place has been maintained well enough to be free of any kind of drawbacks. Yes, the professionals are available all the time to take complete care of any activity you are thinking to take. It does not end here! Here only you will have to exclusively decide the kind of tiger you would like to experience. You need to state about the size of the tiger you would like to visit in the cage. 

Generally, the price range starts from around 800 baht. You can also avail a complete package of around 3500 baht as it exclusively helps you get all the facility the respective kingdom has in offer for you. From having an experience of enclosures where all age tigers are taken care of having a professional photographer with you who can capture the experience you are having in this amazing place.

What Is Popular

Well, you guessed it right, there can nothing be cuter and in-demand than baby tigers. Yes, the cubs are very much popular and are always the hot favorite among tourists from all around the world. You can have them on your lap and also feed them as per their needs. It is literally a great experience to have. But it is important that you follow the rules before meeting cute beasts. You will surely have a great experience as they are very much safe to carry and hold. Do not forget to have a lot of pictures when they are completely into you!

Tiger Kingdom Timings

You can visit the Tiger Kingdom Phuket from 9:AM to 6:00 PM. Tiger Kingdom Phuket opening hours are 9 am to 6 pm whole week. Though, the last entrance can be made by before 5:00 PM. The Tiger Kingdom attraction leftovers open on all days of the month, it remains open on public holidays as well to entertain the Tiger Kingdom Lovers. The most entertaining time to enjoy Tiger Kingdom is mid of day.

Timings of Tiger Kingdom

Monday to Sunday

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Tiger Kingdom Phuket, Thailand Tickets Price

Prices of show at the time we go to see The Tiger Kingdom are as follow minimum: one thousand baht, for small: 9 hundred baht, for medium eight hundred baht and  big is 800 baht. Then you can avail a combination of two tigers (big, medium + small) 1,400 baht, three tigers (big or medium + small + smallest) 2,300 and the Full Monty (big + medium + small + smallest): 2,800 baht. Since everyone who go in the enclosure has to pay the full ticket price, whether you want to take your photograph with the feline or not, the total bill can be fairly steep.

Rules And Regulations To Be Followed

There are a number of strict rules which needs to be followed at the Tiger Kingdom and few of them have been stated below, take a look:

  • It is important that before you enter the enclosure you leave your belongings outside the respective locker.
  • You also need to keep your shoes out and must wash your hands before entering into the enclosure.
  • You must keep the flash of your camera off when you take it inside the enclosure. In fact, you will find a professional photographer available there to help you with beautiful pictures.
  • You will also find a number of screens exclusively administered by a computer system and they announce where you got to be by stating your ticket number.
  • You also need to follow the safety rules which are exclusively printed with colorful signs.
  • And more.

So, these are few of the rules and regulations which needs to be kept in mind while you are here. It will surely be an amazing experience which you will take it with the trip.


 So, to experience feeding a tiger baby, do not hesitate and book your ticket to Phuket right away. The Tiger Kingdom has a lot in an offer for you and gives you something which you have never experienced before. Boutique Resorts Phuket is one of the best and cheap villas in Phuket which you can consider while being here for your vacation needs. You will surely not be disappointed and exclusively help you avail complete value for money! So, do not hesitate and book your trip with them now and experience the beauty of Phuket at its best!

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