Tips on The Best Time to Go to Phuket
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Tips on The Best Time to Go to Phuket

Are you looking for a break from a hectic office schedule? Thinking about visiting Phuket? Just the right thought to have in mind! Yes, Phuket is the largest island nestled amidst the coast of Thailand. It is exclusively one of the most popular destinations for holidays these days. It has all the stuff to keep the visitors hooked all the time.  One of the defining things here in Phuket is Palm tree and its serene surrounding which exclusively is attracting thousands of tourists here from around the world.

But the important question here is, what is the best time to go phuket and to have the best experience of Phuket? Yes, it is important for one to make the most of being here and that is only possible if the weather is good enough. Here we are going to discuss about the best time to visit phuket, Thailand which one consider to travel to Phuket. Yes, we will help the detailed information which can help you decide when should you book the tickets to Phuket. From assessing the weather and climatic condition to acknowledging all the available facilities, everything needs to be considered.

Elaborating The Best Time To Travel To Phuket

Phuket is mostly having a high temperature all around the year. But that does not make it any less holiday destination. So, all you need to do is to find the right time and plan accordingly. If you are looking to enjoy a lot of sunshine, and less rain then best for you will be visiting it around the time of November to April. Yes, during this time you will get humidity which is completely manageable. So, all over you will exclusively have the best conditions to make the most while being at this amazing destination.


But, what if you are not certain about the best of weather of condition to be in Phuket? Do not worry! According to a survey the best bet would be to travel in the months of December, January, February, and even March. Yes, you can completely count on these months and fly off to Phuket. End of November marks the end of the rainy season and the beginning of bright sunshine. The rainy season begins from the month of April which is very important for one to keep in mind. Between April and November, the probability of experiencing rain is quite high and most importantly the level of humidity is quite a lot. You can still consider to traveling during this time period as the weather will still allow you to experience the best of Phuket. Yes, in November you might experience more than 15 days of rain but during the time of February, you will be experiencing around 2 to 2 days of it.

Assessing The Temperatures In Detail

Well, if you are planning for visiting to Phuket and that too during the best time, then it is important that you understand temperature you will be experiencing as per your expectations. Traveling between the months of November to April will give you around 32 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius of temperature. Another excellent attribute you get while traveling to Phuket in this time period is that low humidity.  But yes the temperature is on the high side so, going to beaches will help you cool down but there is also a problem as the water temperature is around 26 to 28 degree Celsius. During the time of evening it does cool down and in the night time, the temperature goes down below 24 degree Celsius. So, it is important that you book your resort with air condition facility.

Traveling in the peak hours of time will give you sunshine for most time of the day. Yes, February is, in fact, the driest period in Phuket in terms of rain. During this time of the month, you can certainly expect to have more than 9 hours of sunshine for sure.


Favorable Climatic Conditions in Phuket

Phuket is generally considered to have a tropical climate and among tourists traveling to this destination is very popular during the summer time. Yes, the temperature on the island mostly remains high with the humidity. So, if you are planning to travel to Phuket, do expect the temperature to be around 30 degrees for sure. The difference in temperature is quite minor all around the year as it remains mostly summery. The temperature during the night also remains around 24 degrees. So, it is important that you plan accordingly and book your resort which helps you with all the facilities.  With air temperature high, you will also get a water temperature around 27 to 28 degree Celsius.

So, it shows that in Phuket you will exclusively experience the same temperature all year the difference being the rainy season. Yes, from the months of November to April exclusively gives the tourists enough facility to have the best of experience in Phuket. So, you must plan accordingly and schedule your trip. It will not destroy the outing while experiencing rain all the time. During the off-season, you will surely experience rain more than 50 percent of the days. So, it is quite a risk to travel during this period of time and spoil your outings. Still, you will get enough to relax and feel rejuvenated while being in this serene destination.


Hopefully, you now it is quite clear that what can be your ideal time to visit phuket or plan your trip to this naturally beautiful destination. Yes, it has it be planned to perfection as it gives you a great opportunity to enjoy your outing to the fullest rather than rain playing a spoilsport. But you can always opt for top resorts in Phuket and make your trip a lifetime experience any time. Boutique Resort Phuket is one of the best names which you can consider for your trip to Phuket and excursively attain complete value for money. They have the best of facilities to make your experience the best of all and help you experience the best of Phuket on any day!

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