Things To Do In Phuket For Honeymoon Couples
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Things To Do In Phuket For Honeymoon Couples

Planning about your honeymoon? Well, there cannot be more serene and romantic than Phuket! Yes, it has it all help you have the best and most loving time while being on your honeymoon Villa in phuket . From amazing beaches to romantically furnished resorts, it has all in its pocket. But more than you will be in love with landscapes around which can help both of you to feel like never! You will get amazing greenery settings which you mostly experience in the movies. It has lots of adventure also in store for active couples who love excursions and performance.

Here in this article, we are going to look into the things which as a couple you must not miss things to do while being in Phuket, take a look:


1 John Gray Seacanoe in Phang Nga Bay: 

Yes, it is a wonderful experience of exploring an amazing place with so much of beauty around. This place was exclusively discovered John Gray in the year of 1989 and has a lot of history to keep you engaged and have a good time. It is an adventure to experience as it gives you low hanging ledges and thrilling water related adventure. As a couple yo u will firstly love the location and surrounding. Plus you will have a lot of adventure related activities to indulge in together. It will surely be an amazing experience which you just cannot afford to miss while being in Phuket.


2 Coral & Racha Islands: 

You might have definitely experienced the beauty of coral islands online and would definitely like to have your package designed accordingly. Well, it's a very popular place among the couples as it gives them so much to relish throughout their life. You will love the amazing aquatic life with white sand beaches which are tailor-made for romantic dates and pictures. The turquoise waters here are very popular and gives you a sense of rejuvenation which can make you hold your hands together. It is just a very lovely place to be for honeymoon couples, do have this in your package!

3 Similan Islands: 

Well, experience the marine life at its best here at Similan Islands. It is exclusively considered as one of the best in the world for diving and snorkeling adventures. The clear blue water with rich coral life and sandy beaches are just perfect for romantic pictures. You will surely fall in love with the beautiful surroundings and never get tired of taking pictures again and again. So, you must not bunk this place while being on your honeymoon trip, it will be a pleasurable experience for sure!


4 Phi Phi by Speedboat:

 Another hotspot in southern Thailand as it is a very popular destination among couples here. It is tailor-made for honeymoon goers to have the time of their life. In fact, this beach is also very much famous because of the movie The Beach. The clear waters with astounding surroundings will surely take your breath away! It also has lots of water sport activities in store for you to have a gala time throughout the day. So, while being in Phuket, you can surely have an amazing by taking a trip down this amazing Phi Phi island.


5 Island Hopping: 

You will surely love the tranquility you experience in this amazing world of Krabi islands. You got to reach this island by speedboat and you will also have stunning shimmering sands to experience. From Phi Phi Islands to Mosquito Island, Koh Khai Islands, and more, you must go to each and every place and have the best of experience of aquamarine waters of Andaman Sea. The islands here are also very much famous for their white-sand beaches and limestone cliffs. They provide a truly refreshing experience you can ever forget.


6 La Gritta Restaurant: 

Way to reach heart is via stomach, so it is very important for the honeymoon goers to not to miss any opportunity for being at La Gritta restaurant. This restaurant is exclusively comprised of attributes like elegant furnishings and designs. It also has a sumptuous enticing menu in store to surely win your heart. You will surely be overwhelmed by its breathtaking views which completes it. It is considered to be one of the most appealing restaurants in Phuket and a must for couples to have the best time dining together.


7 Khai Nok & Khai Nui Island Excursion:

 You must not miss being at these off the coast islands of Phuket. Yes, not only are the islands magnificent but are exclusively considered to be small gems. It has a lot in offer in the form of white-sand beaches and exceptionally greenery around with rocks and beautiful turquoise water. You must take a boat ride and feel the difference of being here in Phuket. This will trip will surely bring you and your partner close and enjoy the peace it offers in the air. This island is tailor-made to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated all the time!

8 Afternoon Boat Cruise: 

You must not miss the gorgeous scenery of Phang Nga at any cost and to do that you must aboard the Ayodhaya. It is an amazing wooden "junk boat" which exclusively offers plenty of space and will surely offer you the best of views which can give your eyes a treat for a lifetime. The idyllic waters are there for the taking and make your experience even more enjoyable.


9 Whitewater Rafting & 4-Wheel-Drive: 

This a must for a couple who are very much into an adventure. You must visit Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary as it gives you the facility of exciting whitewater rafting and 4-Wheel-Drive adventure which you just cannot miss while being here in Phuket.

10 James Bond & Beyond Tour Cruise: 

Lastly do not forget to explore the popular James Bond Island. Yes, this exotic Talu Island is tailor-made for couples to have the time of their life. It will give them the beautiful stalactite caves which are just perfect for amazing pictures. Do not miss this at any cost!

So, these are the top things to do in phuket during holidays or vacations which as a couple you must not miss to do while planning a trip to Phuket. You will surely have the experience of a lifetime and the pictures which will make it even more memorable.


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