The Timeless Chronicles of Phuket
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The Timeless Chronicles of Phuket

On board to the City of Emerald Waters, as known as Phuket? Seems, you might want to catch on a swaying slice of earthly heaven by flinging on the voluptuous alleys, the subways, streets and the beaches of Phuket! Dancing and singing merrily under the lavender umbrella of my vanilla dreams, I once visited the serenest corner in the world with my besties and bridesmaids, during an absurdly girlish bridal shower trip to Thailand. Since Thailand is this ubiquitous destination of spectacular sights, picturesque beauty and oodles of shopping, we decided to prolong our stay in the district of Patong, Phuket. Yes, Phuket, the most fantastic looking island that blew me off my feet the moment I landed in the heart of Phuket. Indeed, Phuket is perhaps one of the most idyllically scenic cities of the most mesmeric islands, and undeniably, it is far more extensive than you might have ever imagined in your wildest thoughts! I hadn’t! Cuddled and puckered with sprawling rainforests, quixotic Buddhist temples, amusement parklands, tropical islands, pastoral dells and gleaming islands, this city is undoubtedly the last dying tear from Artemis’s bewitching eyes.

The choices of choosing a proper place to live in Phuket might be quite overwhelming, and no matter wherever you live, there is scarcely an unscrupulous residential area in Phuket which may not fit the bill for your stay. If you love tireless episodes of adventure, enthusiasm, action and all that zest of life to travel day and night, munch on the most delicious food in the world, buy the most cheaply priced, colorful keepsakes for your friends and family, stroll away leisurely sipping the romantic Pina Colada on the Patong beach and last, but not the least, get fascinated by the exotic beaches of Phuket, then this is undoubtedly going to be your dream destination for the rest of your lifetime. Moreover, if you just knew how to do all of this in the shortest possible time, let’s skim through my blog to help you save time and make you unfurl the riveting pros of being in Phuket for a holiday spell!

Phuket is quite a crowded city, as all of us want to be in Phuket. Crowded with thousands of tourists, be it be the lovey-dovey couples madly, genuinely, passionately in love, the hangover lovers, the Buddhist disciples, the star-struck adventure aficionados or the Odie Goldie fellas seeking some placid quality time, shop alcoholics or the freaky fanatics trying to grasp hold of the carnal pleasures of the Sex and the City chronicles in this sleazy corner of Thailand, especially Patong, bejeweled with bespangled harlequins, skimpy nude bars, glitzy strip shows, ceaseless rows of drinking away all night and hence, partying away till you fall apart! Moreover, if you aren’t all this large image of a Casanova or you are with a family and feel uncomfortable living right next to this ludicrous sex haven, avoid living near the ill-famed Bangla Road.

So, jumping back to the discussion of the congestion in the Phuket, it is a city choked and gulped with the most horrid smoky fumes and offensively ridiculous traffic and it quickly takes you to almost one and a half hour to reach Karon and Mai Khao if you are riding an Uber taxi, thus, to avoid all this despicable mess, I would recommend you to stay as centrally as you could. This would chunk a considerable portion of your time, energy and the gusto to go out and explore this charismatically beautiful city.

The peak time to book hotels and pool villas in Phuket is November to April, especially on first November, while the lackluster season mostly lasts from the months of May to October. We spent the days idyllically, gorging on the traditionally spicy green papaya salads and some excellent Thai shrimp soup.

Sometimes, to get rid of the blandness, we would also drop at the Bollywood Phuket Restaurant & Bar to reincarnate our desi filmy avatars by gorging on the scrumptious, peppery food offered by Mr. Sukh Chayn, the generous Indian restaurateur. If you have a roving eye for an ethnically designed Bollywood themed restaurant, crooning with desi jingles of yesteryears, while the walls bore the talismanic blockbuster posters of the magnum opus Bollywood movies, this is one place you will always remember.

One can have an incredible time while living in Patong, especially during the racy monsoon showers. I spent a fortnight there, shopping, eating and partying the whole time with my musketeers. Dressed in azure beach kimonos, we would surf, dance and splash away freely, frisking amid the sparkling waters of the Phuket beaches, especially the James Bond Island and the Paradise beach being the most breathtaking ones. We spent most of our time enjoying the Thai traditionalist alligator shows and exploring the silks, scarves and the keepsakes originating from the cotton fields and the mulberry trees of Thailand till our legs broke, and once we used to be fatigued out totally, we would tumble in the cozy coffee shops lit by the glee, laughter and the intertwining aroma of brewing, hot petals of cappuccino and mocha wonder.

I saw a lot of hypnotically sun-drenched islands, by making a reservation with a grand tour led by the V. Marine’s touring office on the Thepkasattri Road. Hats off to them to coordinate an immense number of tourists quite brilliantly! I loved the Starbucks café the most, while wandering away on Patong Road and to shop, nothing offered me better discounts than the resort like Outlet Mall, Jungceylon Shopping Center and the Central Festive Phuket and no wonder, at the end of the trip, we were struggling with over luggage due to the immense volumes of souvenirs bought from these shopping harbors. I bought a lot of sublimely expensive stuff for a Thai- inspired interior décor for my gorgeous hut in Ibiza, which I had been gifted to spend the honeymoon after the big, fat wedding I was excitedly preparing and, no wonder, nothing pleased me more than collecting bundles and bundles of quixotic relics from Thailand.

If you are looking for a sneak peek into one of the most kaleidoscopic corners of the world, fly to Phuket and get ready to be entranced by the mysterious beauty of this absorbingly enchanted city. Also, indeed, these would be the most prized memories of your wandering rants.

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