Ten Things You Should Know About Phuket!
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Ten Things You Should Know About Phuket!

Are you planning to travel to Phuket in the coming holidays? Well, it is always important that you plan after acknowledging all the things which you should know while being there. Yes, it is always safe and wise to do thorough research on the respective destination and then plan accordingly. From thinking about the weather condition to understanding the local and currency there, you need to be clear about each and every facet.

So, here we are helping you plan your trip to Phuket with few of the things to know about phuket, Thailand which you must keep in mind while being there, read along:


If you ignore the size, still Phuket is an island which is nestled amidst the beautiful tropical country. Yes, it results in humidity which is quite obvious due to the surrounding condition. You will surely expect the temperature here to be around 30-degree Celsius or more but you feel even more because of the high humidity.  It literally can be very much uncomfortable but there are enough facilities to help challenge that. So, it is important for you to plan your trip accordingly which you can give you the maximum comfort while being in tough condition.


Rain, Rain, And More Rain


As its a tropical island, you never know what to expect from the weather. Yes, some days its sunshine and sometimes, continuous rainfall. It is exclusively considered to be a year around visiting destination. This is because of the unexpected weather condition here. You might experience a rainstorm here on a regular basis as it being a tropical island. So, it is important that you enjoy your trip only after doing thorough research on the time you are thinking to travel.  As one will not be able to enjoy the beach holidays during the time of rainy season.


More Mosquitoes


Well, as it’s a tropical island, you never run out of bugs and insects here. You will always be irritated of the number of mosquitoes here in this serene destination. It is very popular here and travelers do find it quite annoying while enjoying the trip. But if you are staying in a good and well-organized resort or villa, you will surely not experience much of it as they use the repellent to make sure you are protected from the respective bugs and insects. If not, you can also purchase one of the insect repellers and keep yourself away from the respective bugs.  It is available at every nearby store around the place.


No Drinkable Water In The Tap


If you have booked a hotel or a resort for your stay then you will always have complimentary drinking water for your needs in the respective room itself. But if the hotel is not that nice to you and are not offering this kind of luxury then you must inform that you cannot go ahead and drink tap water as it is not good enough to consume. Yes, you might find it quite annoying to continuously purchase drinking water for your needs but it is very cheap and fresh than the respective tap water. You will get a lot of stores where you will be able to purchase your drinking water at very economical rates.


Not much public transport


Phuket is a big place but not big enough to exclusively have its own transport system. Yes, there is not much public transport facilities available to help locals and tourists to be at one destination to another. Yes, you will find private taxis which can be taken into consideration for any kind of trip or travel needs. The rates for traveling from private taxis are fixed and published. You can also opt for a car and rent it for your specific needs. You will find all types of car available here. You will not have to worry about the rates here as it is low and cheap for your needs.


Driving On The Left:


Well, it is very important for you to know that while being in Phuket, you got have your vehicle driven on the left. Yes, being aware of it makes as there are a number of locals who will sometimes drive on the wrong side of the law and this can result in a very dangerous way.  So, it is important that you understand the traffic rules there before flying off to this place. You can also hire a professional driver for your needs which can help you get rid of all the stress related to driving and its rules.


Locals Are Not Good With English


You will surely find a number of locals here in this place who are not so good at speaking English. Yes, you will be quite shocked to hear that not many here in this serene destination know how to speak English. So, it will be quite tough for to maintain the communication properly and understand the things they are trying to make let you know. There are locals who speak basic English the way they are trained to talk with their guests and customers. But if you desire to talk more with them, it is going to get very difficult.




Thai Baht in Phuket is an official currency. You will surely find a lot of currency exchange and banks here in Phuket for your needs of getting your currency the way it is needed here. In fact at the airport also you will get several facilities to get your money exchanged.


SIM Card Availability


Yes, it is important for one to have complete access to mobile phone facilities. If you are having any issues for your network needs, you can get your SIM card with ease through a nearby store. They will help you get access to the internet with ease.


Resorts And Villas


There are a number of resorts and villas here to entice you with the best of experience while being here at Boutique Resort Phuket. But it is important that you do thorough research and then make a final destination on what can be your ideal place to stay.


So, these are things to know  which one must keep in mind while traveling to Phuket. You will surely benefit a lot in terms of facilities and also have an amazing experience.

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