Shopping in Phuket
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Shopping in Phuket

Phuket is like other parts of Thailand. The goods here are very cheap for foreigners. This is because the Thai currency exchange rate is low, you can exchange many Thai baht with a small amount of foreign currency, and the local consumption level is not high, so Visitors can enjoy shopping here. Tropical Phuket is rich in products. In addition to common coconuts, mangoes, and durians, there are also relatively rare domestic Southeast Asian fruits such as stink beans, rambutan, sauerkraut, lanca, and cashew nuts, all of which are sold at low prices.


In addition, there are also many large shopping malls on Phuket. Tourists can find many domestic rare products and brands here, and some tourists also make special trips to purchase. Must -Buy Phuket Shrimp Cakes Shrimp cakes produced by Southeast Asian countries are a very popular snack, but here you can eat prawn cakes with meat floss, which is unique. Its method is to make shrimp cakes into semi-finished products, and add meat floss to continue baking, it will become flavored shrimp cakes. Don't miss the chance to try it, 90 baht per pack .


Clove fish, like larvae, is a small fish with high nutritional content. It is also made by salvaging the clove fish ashore and then deep-fried into crispy and crispy dried cloves, at 75 baht per pack . Dried fruits Thailand is rich in many tropical fruits. The more unusual ones are dried tomatoes, lemons and cantaloupes, which taste strange. Other dried fruits such as papaya, mango, peach, banana, star fruit, plum, pineapple, etc. are more common.

However, here papaya alone has five different flavors, which is quite impressive. About 70 baht per pack . Cashew Nut This is the most famous product on Phuket.



After the harvest must be dried cashew nuts, shelled, cooked, roasted, peeled, etc. 5 after the procedure, coupled with the taste made from a variety of different flavors of cashews, can you imagine it? You can eat more than 15 different kinds of cashew nuts in Phuket . In addition to the most popular honey cashew crisp, garlic cashew, coconut cashew, there are relatively rare spicy cashews, coffee cashews, chocolate cashews, white Sesame and cashew nuts.


In the cashew factory, you can see the process of making cashews and try them. About 110 baht per pack . Tin products : Because Phuket is the region with the largest tin ore production in Thailand, the most noticeable local specialty is the variety of tin products, including vases, wine wares, necklaces, rings, etc., which often entice tourists.


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