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Phuket Sandbox Updated 3
"Phuket Sandbox" will accept foreign tourists on July 1, allowing them to travel in Phuket for 14 days before they can travel to other provinces. 
Tourists can stay in Phuket without quarantine. After 14 days tourists can travel to other provinces. This is a change of conditions from the original 7 days to travel in Phuket and to other provinces. 
The Ministry of Health is concerned about the spread of COVID therefore the 14 days will be adjusted and reviewed. 
1. Only open to tourists who have received the full dose of vaccine according to the criteria of each vaccine. Must have an injection more than 14 days but not more than 1 year and are traveling from overseas.
2. Children under 6 years of age traveling with vaccinated parents can enter. 
Children between 6 – 18 years of age must be tested upon arrival at Phuket Airport.
3. There is a certificate of vaccination from their country of origin. The vaccine must be registered according to the laws of Thailand or certified by WHO (More details to be announced)
4. Thailand Plus APP must be installed for notifications while staying in Phuket. 
5. Stay in a hotel that meets the SHA+ standard for 14 nights and after the specified period of stay can travel to other areas in Thailand.
6. Mandatory testing for COVID-19 while in Phuket on day 5 at clients own expense. All guests can take tourism activities under DMHTTA standard precautions. 
7.  If tourists would like stay in Phuket ONLY then you can stay for a few nights or up to your visa (45 days) in most cases. So example you can arrive into phuket by Emirates from Dubai and then you can leave Phuket after day 4 back to Dubai. 
8. The Phuket Sandbox is open to anyone. Not just foreign tourists. It includes expats and Thais living overseas. Everyone has to be fully vaccinated by a vaccine that is recognised by the Thai government, WHO or approved in your own country. 
9. Documents and legal requirements regarding the entry of tourists to Phuket will be held at a meeting of the Center for Emergency Management from the Epidemic of COVID-19 (CDC), which will be passed and approved. 
10. You must flying to Thailand from a country that is classed low to medium risk. The full list of those countries will be released soon and will be updated every few weeks. However high risks countries will be a handful only.
This is all the information we have so far which has been translated. Any updates we will show on this post so will pin to the top. 
**PLEASE NOTE** A small CCSA committee asked for 14 days but the Prime Minister and the main CCSA committee will now have the final say on the project over the next few days. Expect final regulations by next week.

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