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Phuket Calendar


Phuket Thailand is undoubtedly always in the bucket list of every traveler. The beautiful beaches, mountains, temples, waterfalls, museums and bars and numerous activities to do while on holiday keep Phuket Island as one of the travel destinations. Aside from the three seasons in the Island of Phuket, the travelers also consider the numerous festivals and major events being held so they can experience the festivities on the Island.

Here are some of the Major Events from January to December. Mark your calendar now!




Chinese New Year

One of the most important festivals for the Thai – Chinese communities. The Chinese New Year is welcomed in with colorful dancing and parades of dragons. Chinese opera performances, international lion-dance competition, and a fireworks display. Also celebrated in Chinatowns across the country, especially in Bangkok and Phuket.



April and May



Thai Buddhist New Year (as per lunar calendar). The most extravagant festival in the country. Wherever you go you will find locals and tourists celebrating the festival with a bucket of water, water guns, and white clay filler. There are also several destinations that will give you entertainment and facilities to celebrate. Aside from water fights, sandcastle building in temple compounds and there are also inevitable parades and “Miss Songkhran” beauty contests.




Phuket Gay Festival

This LGBT festival is one of the most fun and flamboyant on the island. People from all across Thailand come to join in the celebrations and you can expect lots of colorful costumes and shows. Make sure to bring your camera for this one!





Kathu Street Festival

Enjoyed on the streets of the Kathu area, this festival brings about all of the good things you love about markets in Phuket. Traditional Thai dishes, exhibitions, stage shows, and many more things can be found in this usually quiet village area.




Vegetarian Festival

Chinese devotees become vegetarian for a nine-day period and then parade through town performing acts of self-mortification such as pushing skewers through their cheeks.


Loy Krathong

Loy Kratong is being celebrated annually on the 12th Lunar Moon of the Thai calendar, right after the monsoon season. Loy Kratong is a Thai term for floating a decorative banana trunk. “Loy” means to Float and “Kratong” means lotus shape vessel made of banana leaves. This annual festival purpose is to pay respect to the spirits and thanks to the Water Goddess, Phra Mae Khongha for the abundance of water in the past year.   









Due to the numbers of tourists and immigrants, the country is now celebrating Christmas. Some malls, restaurants & bars have festive decorations and they also play Christmas songs. The Hotels and Restaurants offer Christmas brunch and buffet with activities for the kids. In Phuket town, they also have a Christmas market a few days before Christmas.


New Year’s Eve Countdown

Fireworks display, loud music, and a variety of food. Most of the hotels and resort offers NYE party with a fireworks display to be followed by food and drinks to welcome the incoming New Year.







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