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Almost every person loves to see monkey especially the child always remains a step ahead. If you are planning to visit Phuket and want to see the monkey in Phuket than monkey hill in Phuket is waiting for you. Monkey hill in Phuket is a free spot for the tourist and one of the top attractions for the tourist to have some interaction with Monkeys in Phuket, Thailand. Monkey hill is situated in the Old Town of Phuket. 

On your trip to Phuket, viewing the Monkey hill point will be a great experience. But I suggest you read this article before visit the monkey hill, it will help you a lot. It is necessary to learn a few things before visiting monkey Hill.

Way to Reach Monkey Hill

Let’s know the best way to reach the monkey hill as we have discussed above that monkey hill is near the Old Town of Phuket. The best way is to choose the hotel near to monkey hill, there are lots of good hotels bottom of the monkey hill. By choosing the nearest hotel, it will just be away at walking distance. 

Monkey Hill Entrance Gate

You will identify the entry of Monkey Hill catchy with a big rosy symbol with 2 golden monkeys on top of Gate. You will also see many signs as you keep forwarding your target to the Monkey Hill place.

Just a few 2 or 3 KM away from Monkey Hill, you will get a taxi or tuk-tuk motorists offering to take you to the Monkey hill – it’s totally up to you as to whether or not you would choose to do this than amble. But again, it is depending on your fitness level, don’t take a chance to do it yourself, better to spend a few bucks. 

One more thing, never forget to buy some nuts, corns or bananas to feed the monkey from local shops. Feeding monkeys will keep you engage and interact with money. During your visit to monkey hill, feeding monkey is something to do, must buy some bananas from the base of monkey hill.  

Walking to Monkey Hill in Phuket

As I referenced early, we strolled up Monkey Hill and had we perused an article like this one before our visit, we'd have most likely ruled against it as it nearly murdered us. The walk is generally 3.5km and has a precarious slope that makes the perspective at the top. This banded together with the outrageous mugginess, and absence of shade as you approach the highest point of the slope makes for extremely troublesome conditions. 


As you stroll up the slope, markers on the asphalt will feature the separation wherein you've voyage. Consider the hour of the day you intend to visit Monkey Hill if you'd like to stroll to the perspective. We finished this stroll around noon when the sun is grinding away's most sizzling and the street is available to people, in general, expecting you to adhere to the ways. 

You won't see monkeys during most of the 3.5km stroll, rather, you may see a few pigs, canines, chickens and other natural life tucked away among the hedges. One favorable position of strolling to the highest point of Monkey Hill is the opportunity to stop on different occasions to take in the amazing perspectives out between the trees. 

Monkey an area is set apart with an enormous sign, educating you regarding some fundamental guidelines to pursue when visiting Monkey Hill. Here you'll likewise discover leaving straights for vehicles and bikes, close by two wooden seats and some rec center hardware. 

While there is a further move starting here, it's not important to finish it except if you need to visit Monkey Hill Viewpoint. We found the area where the Monkeys were arranged up to Monkey Hill Viewpoint and the TV towers to be the steepest piece of the ascension.

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Is monkey hill safe?

If you don’t do foolish and follow the simple rules it is a safe place to enjoy. Monkey’s babies attack the things hanging from bags or packets if monkeys attack doesn’t laugh or run as the condition can be worst. Every mother loves their child, babies are cute and safe but if the mother feels threatened, she can react and who knows how she reacts? You can walk safe and sound, take pictures you want, feed the monkey to enjoy the monkey Phuket hill. 

How to reach Phuket Monkey Hill?

There are two easy ways to reach Monkey Hill in Phuket. 

By Bus

You can take the bus from kata beach, Patong or Karan beach which will take you to the Town of Phuket. A bus will drop off you near the Fountain Circle. From here the Phuket monkey hill is 3Km away. If you are young and haven’t any fitness issue, will recommend exploring the town to reach the Monkey hill instead of taking the tuk-tuk or taxi

Taxi service, tuk-tuk or private cars are gifted which take you to Phuket Monkey Hill and it is safe to reach straight to the top of the hill. But if you choose to view the Phuket hill between 7:00-8:00 or 16:00-19:00, will be better to ask the driver to drop at the entry gate because at that duration cars, tuk-tuk and vehicles are not allowed and people are fortified to enjoy the walk and relish the sunset from the top.

Time to See the Monkey hill Phuket

In the morning at 7:00 – 8:00, the traffic is pretty comfortable for those who love jogging because there is no motorcycle in the way. Besides, the atmosphere is cool and fresh at that time, which makes it easier to walk up a long steep hill.

Another suitable time to visit is when the sun descends. The sunset view from the top of the hill is breath-taking and it’s worth the trek.

The morning time between 7:30 – 9:00 is best, at that time there is no traffic in a way you can enjoy the jogging as well. In the morning you feel fresh and energies, the weather in the morning also will make relaxed for you to walk or run on the steep hill. 

Phuket Monkey Hill Viewpoint

On the off chance that you see Phuket Monkey Hill Lookout, at that point you'll need to proceed with the mounting walking past most of where the Monkeys arrange themselves. 

The good ways from where you'll first experience the monkeys to Monkey Phuket Hill Viewpoint is almost 1000m and is as we would see it the steepest piece of the walk. Be that as it may, you're intensely compensated for your endeavors with some amazing perspectives on Phuket.

Opening Times of Monkey Hill

You can visit the Monkey hill anytime between 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. But also note that vehicles are not allowed from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM and evening from 4:00 PM to 7:00 Pm. So, it depends on you how what is your intent to climb Monkey Hill is feasible going to depend on the schedule you visit.

We started our descent back to the base of Monkey Hill and Phuket Town at about 2:00 pm, We noticed that at this time Monkey Hill was the fullest we’d gotten it throughout our visit.

Things to Carry during Monkey Hill Phuket

As per our visit to Monkey Hill Phuket here are a few things we would recommend to keep with you for your visit;

  • Buying nuts, bananas or corn from bottom of the hill
  • Don’t forget to take some water
  • Snacks or bar for energizing yourself
  • Take the first Aid Kit
  • Money or Cash
  • Camera to take Photographs/Pics

 It is necessary to wear relaxed joggers/shoes. Even if you are not thinking about walking up to Monkey Hill Phuket it is possible you will need to do a lot of slope climbing.


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