Join us !!! New Year's eve party
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Join us !!! New Year's eve party

Celebrate NYE with us !

New Year is the most awaited event that everyone celebrates across the globe. To rejoice the upcoming new year of the Gregorian calendar. Most of the countries celebrate with splendid fireworks, loud music and feast.

Us, in Boutique Resort Private Pool Villa we hold an annual New Years Eve Party for the entire staff and our guest. We believe that celebrating with all the important people for us will bring us prosperity. As part of the celebration of New Years' Eve, the delightful dinner buffet will be prepared by our experienced chef. The professional fire dancer will be performed through the night, and most of all a colorful fireworks will sparkle in the sky such a magnificent to watch.

Our New Years resolution is to continue providing excellent customer service and satisfy Our guests and ensure that they are happy and comfortable during their stay.

So what are you waiting for, book with us and grab the promotions and celebrate with us!

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