Chinese New Year in Phuket
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Chinese New Year in Phuket

Prepare for noisy firecrackers, colorful processions and local amusement from 21st to 23rd February 2020, since the Phuket enters the Year of the Dog. Vibrant parties and super shopping deals abound as Phuket’s local Chinese community prepares for the most important holiday season known as a chinese New year in phuket. Adding to the parties is that the Old Phuket Festival, held at the aged Sino-Portuguese quarter of Phuket Town every year. Entertainment and highlights such as the Dragon Procession guarantee a kaleidoscope of all color from the streets throughout the two-day festival.

Chinese New Year on Phuket

Four Phuket Town roads – Dibuk Road, Krabi Road, Thalang Road, and Phang Nga Road — will probably soon be closed to traffic for 3 evenings of celebrations. You will observe homes that are Chinese with their rooms adorned with platters of oranges and tangerines, vases of blossoms and a tray with eight varieties of dried sweet fruit. Stores and houses’ entrances will be festooned with decorations and banners to promote happiness and luck. It is a pirate that is sensory, with performances of dancing.


Try to be in the TAT office because there’ll be a demonstration on the best way best to earn some traditional desserts in addition to samples to savor. What not to overlook is that a tour to Phuket shrines round the city. As booking in advance is necessary, please contact its workplace. The community event is open and free to all.

Chinese New Year Food

Chinese New Year gives the chance to sample delicacies. Particular types of food are believed to be blessed, with ingredients added during the next year to get small luck. Others such as bean curd or tofu are believed to be are given a wide berth in favor of fare. Food plays an integral role in the parties that are traditional. On the Eve of the New Year, Chinese families celebrate having a super dedicated to their ancestors’ souls – admired because of their contributions. The feast of weilu’enclosing the cooker’ is organized around the family room dining table and can be a means of linking the spirits of yesteryear together with the gift family unity’s household.

Chinese New Year Decorations

During Phuket city, with their rooms, you will see homes throughout New Year. Stores and houses’ entrances will be festooned in decorations and red banners to promote happiness and luck. A lot of men and women wear red to get a future that is bright and sunny. It’s believed that appearance and attitude during New Year’s sets the tone for the remainder of the year, therefore, friends and kids, in addition, to close relatives are given lai see’ red envelopes with money inside. Oranges and tangerines, symbols of joy, must be considered a present if you’re seeing with a household to make sure a connection.

Bringing In the New Year and Expelling the Old

Area method of welcoming in the New Year and sending out the old year – an event which appears to occur during the festival! On the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve, tradition dictates that each door in the house, and even windows, have to be open to allow to leave. It’s a fantastic time. Superfood shopping discounts at stores and department stores, and airline and hotel prices make it an ideal time for a vacation. All combined with a colorful festival at a location that was special. It is certain to be auspicious!

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