Best Place to Stay in Phuket for Families
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Best Place to Stay in Phuket for Families

Are you planning to visit Phuket with your family? Well, why not? Yes, it is the go-to destination these days and is entertaining the tourists from all around the world. Are u still thinking where to stay in phuket, Thailand? You will find everything here to make you go gaga over it! The serene pocket size island will get all your attention with the best exceptionally designed Thai villas! Well, you will surely get top resorts in Phuket, where you can have the best experience of being and have the most amazing time. All you need to do is design your Phuket Thailand travel packages in such a way that you are booked with one of the best Phuket family resorts to make your trip memorable.

Crafting a package is a very tedious thing to do as it requires a lot of research work. Yes, there are a number of questions in mind like:

  • How can you make your Phuket holiday unforgettable?
  • Where to see elephants in Phuket
  • How to make the most of Phuket festival?
  • What are the best places to stay in Phuket with the family?
  • And more!

Well, we will reduce your stress a bit by helping you know more about the places which are perfect for your family trip. Yes, below mentioned are few of the Best Place to Stay in Phuket for Families which are just ideal for a family to have a good while being here and relish this amazing place in its best possible, take a look:


This exciting place is just perfect for your family to get every bit of Phuket. Yes, you name it and this place has it. From amazing restaurants to clubs and shopping malls, you will never fall short of anything here. You will get the serene beach to have an amazing time with your family and also relish a few of the adventurous sports. This place has the best nightlife you will relish in Phuket. So, whenever you are planning to trip down to this place, you can always consider having to stay here at Patong.

Patong is just a perfect spot to accommodate if you are:

  • Traveling low on budget as there are a wide range of accommodation facilities available for a family to stay with ease.
  •  Looking for a place with all the facilities nearby in the form of beach, restaurants, clubs and more.
  • Willing to party whole night.
  • Craving for delicious cuisine and seafood


Well, Karon is the second top place to stay in phuket where you and your family can surely have the best time of their life. Not only you will have an amazing surrounding to feel rejuvenated but also a great nightlife which will surely keep you entertained. The best part of being in Karon is to relish the beautiful golden beach with clear water and serene palm trees all around. Everything together literally makes this place just a perfect one for you and your family to have the time of their life. You will also have quite a few amazing resorts here to make your accommodation comfortable and memorable.

Karon is just the ideal place to stay in Phuket if you are:

  • Looking for something less crazy and lively like it is in Patong. But Karon will still give you its bit of shopping and nightlife.
  • Big beach lovers as it is the second biggest one here in Phuket with an amazing view all around for you and family to have a good time.

Kata Beach

Well, if you are looking for something grand in Phuket, then Kata beach in phuket will surely give you the feeling of it. Yes, it is just next to Karon and is just an amazing place to stay while being in Phuket with your family. This place is exclusively considered to be the best place to accommodate as it gives families the best experience than anywhere else here in Phuket. From elders to kids, everyone will have a great time and will surely have no complaint about it. You will shops and restaurants around to help you hop around and white beaches make this place serene for one to take pictures all the time.

Kata Beach is surely the best place to accommodate in Phuket if you are:

  • Traveling with your family as it gives it the best of view and facility to relish and remember throughout their life.
  • Fond of surfing as this place allows surfers to have a great time during the time of May to October.
  • Looking for beautiful beaches with white sand and serene surroundings.
  • Seeking for the best drinking and eating options as it has a lot to offer in this category.


This amazing place is located on Phuket’s eastern tip and gives people enough joy to have a great time. Yes, the location is just tailor-made for people who are here to relax and have a great time with their loved ones. Rawai is not as popular as other destinations here in Phuket but is surely one of the most surreal destinations to stay relaxed and chill around with an amazing surrounding. The best thing about landing here with your family is that you will get amazing resorts to accommodate. There are a number of top-notch private villas of Phuket nestled here in this part. So, you must consider this amazing place for your stay with family while being on a trip.

Rawai has to be your choice of accommodation in Phuket if you are:

?      Looking for low budget accommodation facilities with the best of comfort.

?      Amazing range of eating and drinking places to have a gala time with your family.

?      Fond of boat trips as from here you can visit nearby islands also with ease.

?      Looking to stay away from the big towns and relish the local experience in the best possible way.

So, these are the best of places to stay in phuket to enjoy the holidays which you can consider to stay while planning your trip down here with your family. staying in  Phuket is a certainly one of the best places for one to visit and have a time of their life but, it is important that they book a right place to accommodate which can help them have the experience like never before! Get your bags ready, fly of to this dream destination!

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